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...Of Increased production and food aid

Food aid, under whatever guise cannot feed a nation. Nigeria, and Africa by extension, needs to harness her abundant arable land by planting seeds in the ground, by embracing mechanization to produce bountiful food locally. We should feed ourselves with pride, for there is no dignity in begging nor depending on food aid. Our economy will grow in leaps, when we tow the path of producing what we eat. Of the over 65% arable land we have in Nigeria, less than 40% is mechanized, making it a tall dream to produce what can feed a rapidly growing population. We can grow into being self sufficient in most of the foods we consume when we embrace mechanization. Book for tractors and other farm machinery as the farming season beckons. Visit us

JO10, Gbabo Anyam Road, Owner Occupier, Off, George Akume Road, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

08036381609, 08060678188

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