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Imperatives for agricultural mechanization

Generally, it is agreeable that a farmer who wants to become more efficient or increase his cropped area, improve yield, reduce number of man hours, and reduce losses must introduce more and more sophisticated equipment which allow him to replace human labor with mechanical labor; a threshing machine, a harvester, a tractor. Nigerian farmers must progressively adopt this approach. The NBS has reported an almost 40% surge in food prices in the last 12 months. This trend may not end soon, making it imperative to scale production thereby buttressing the need for mechanization. As of today, less than 35% of Nigeria's arable land is mechanized. Only mechanization can get us producing in large scale. This will control food prices inflation and also reduce huge amount of money that is put into food import. Fatherland offers tractor hire services to farmers as they prepare for the 2024 farming season.

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